Virality enables companies to effectively grow their content strategy through technology, design and accessibility.

Building something we need

Throughout our career we have used and created blogs for ourselves and clients but the problem for us was always there. We needed more than a text editor and a way to create a blog. We wanted to improve every stage of the process. To add collaboration and assistance to writing, to leverage design to improve brand awareness and enhance the content’s share-ability. To move beyond vanity metrics, towards meaningful results. That’s why we are excited to be working on Virality for the long-term and create something we ourselves love to use.

Building for people we like

We know that working on a product must be fun and rewarding. That’s why we started Virality by defining who we wanted to help and interact with every day. And the conclusion we came was simple. We wanted to find and help people who are creating value, who are working on interesting things and who shape products that will influence the world. These are the ones we want to meet, work and collaborate with Virality.

Building for virality

Our goal is to make your team’s ideas and knowledge get out there and reach as many potential users as possible. We don’t charge users to read your posts, we don’t limit your pageviews and don’t punish or try to take a cut if your ideas are viral. It’s not about making a quick profit but about growing together. That’s why we went with plans based on team size and without feature limitations.

Blogging is boring and ineffective for people who have meaningful work to do. That’s what we aim to fix.

Founding Team

Aggelos Gesoulis in the car.

Aggelos Gesoulis

Katerina Limpitsouni looking at the camera.

Katerina Limpitsouni


We believe in contributing to open-source that’s why we have created and actively maintain unDraw. The open design project that creatives love and is being used by incredible companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook. We know first-hand how important content is for startups and Virality is the best place to grow and base your content strategy. Feel free to reach out to us directly.

Getting access

For now, access is granted only to select teams. If you need this kind of blog for your startup, follow the Virality Twitter account for news.

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